Step 1
In Home Consultation

Initially, we'll engage in a brief phone discussion to ensure that your project aligns with our services and that we operate in the area where your project is located. If everything aligns with the Mustache Approved standards, we'll then schedule an in-home consultation at a mutually convenient time. During this visit, we'll take detailed notes, measurements, and gather any inspirational pictures you may have to capture your vision. Following the in-home consultation, we'll furnish separate proposals for each project aspect. For instance, if you have two bathrooms, you can expect two distinct proposals. These proposals will provide you with a reliable ballpark estimate for your project.

Step 2
15 Day Proposal

After the in home consultation, we will get started on a 15 Day Proposal for you. A 15 day proposal means you have 15 days from receiving your proposal at the price quoted. After 15 days the proposal prices are subject to change. If you would like to move forward with your project after receiving your proposal, you must accept your proposal as is and pay a retaining fee for each project. Once the retaining fee is paid, we will get started on your project drawings & complete any changes that need to be made to the design or materials. The retaining fee goes towards your project total as well as locks you next in line on the schedule. The price isn't locked in until you sign a final contract.

Step 3
Pre-Construction Meeting

We will set up another meeting to sign off on all the final paperwork (Drawings, Materials, & Final Estimate) with your project manager & collect a Pre-construction progress payment. After the final paperwork is signed, any changes will be done through the change order process. Adding and subtracting to the final estimate will add or subtract from the bottom line cost of the project.

Step 4
Order Materials & Scheduling

Once all the final documents are signed, we will proceed to order all the necessary materials for your project. The project schedule will be contingent upon the availability of these materials, and we cannot initiate the project until we have a clear timeline for their delivery. This is crucial as certain items, like custom cabinets that may take 4 to 6 weeks to build or specific faucets with a five-week backorder, can impact the project timeline significantly. Subsequently, we will establish a detailed schedule for each task and provide you with a customer schedule that you can refer to at any point during the project.

Step 5
Start & Complete Project

Upon the successful completion of Steps 1 to 4, we will proceed with the initiation and timely completion of your project to the best of our capabilities. A dumpster or trailer will be delivered for efficient trash removal either on the start date or the day before. Throughout the entire process, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will work closely with you and serve as your point of contact for seamless communication.

Step 6
Final Walk

Upon the conclusion of your project, you and your Project Manager will conduct a final walk-through to thoroughly review all completed work. We utilize a final check-off sheet, meticulously examining each area to ensure that every aspect has been executed to satisfaction and completion.