About Us

Mustache Approved Remodeling is a General Contractor for home remodeling, specializing in full-service transformations for kitchens, bathrooms, fireplace refacing, & flooring. Our full-service approach encompasses project design, labor provision, material supply, and end-to-end project management. Simplifying the remodeling experience, our efficient 6-Step process includes precise estimating, customer scheduling, and the deployment of Mustache Approved quality installers. Delve into the details of our streamlined process by exploring our "About" section under "Process."

The Mustache Approved Difference

At Mustache Approved Remodeling, our commitment lies in consistently doing what is right, regardless of the circumstances. Our exceptional team, comprising top-notch installers, helpers, and management, shares a collective philosophy that rejects the notion of "cutting corners" or settling for anything less than excellence. Explore below for additional insights into the added value that defines Mustache Approved Remodeling.

Project Drawings

We offer scaled CAD drawings to precisely outline your project. These drawings encompass detailed views of the designated work areas, clearly indicating the product to be installed, along with fixture heights and locations. This ensures alignment and clarity among everyone involved in the project.

Customer Scheduling

Prioritizing customer scheduling is a central focus for us, ensuring everyone stays well-informed. We furnish each customer with a detailed schedule outlining the tasks to be performed, their respective days, and the personnel entering their home. This proactive approach keeps our customers informed at every stage of the process. In the realm of remodeling, it's not a question of "if" unforeseen events occur, but "when." If any schedule adjustments arise, your project manager will promptly keep you updated in real-time using our construction software app.

5 Year Workmanship Warranty

Mustache Approved Remodeling has joined forces with industry-leading sub-contractors, and our installers are unmatched in their expertise. This is why we confidently support our work with a robust 5-year workmanship warranty.